AVS warrants its window and door products to be free of material and manufacturing defects and agrees to repair or replace any such items as outlined in the following.

<strong>Warranty Coverage</strong>
The main frame, sash and other vinyl (PVC) components in the window and door systems are warranted against blistering, corroding, flaking, peeling or rotting for a period of 20 Years from date of purchase.

The Comfort Seal Insulating Glass component units are warranted against material obstruction of vision as a result of film formation or dust or moisture collection between the interior glass surfaces due to a failure of the hermetic seal for a period of 10 years from date of purchase.

Component mechanical parts of the product (such as locks and keepers, rollers, track, balances sash stops etc) are warranted against defects in material and workmanship.

Where products are installed by AVS windows or its agents, as part of the Sales Agreement, Contract or Invoice, the Installation portion shall be warranted for a period of 2 Years against leakage and for performance of the windows as it relates to installation. Homeowners should familiarize themselves with the Recommendations for Maintaining Window Products, Interior & Exterior. Ask your AVS representative.

<strong>Warranty Claims</strong>
If your product exhibits a manufacturing defect covered by this warranty, simply write to AVS Windows Ltd describing the defect and providing a copy of this certificate. In order to qualify for coverage you must do this within 10 days of the date the defect is first discovered or reasonably could have been discovered. AVS will respond within a reasonable period of time and reserves the right to require you to furnish further information or evidence.

<strong>Remedies Under This Warranty</strong>
If AVS determines that the claimed defect is covered by this warranty, AVS will at its sole discretion either repair or replace the component in accordance with the following paragraphs, provided that if requested, the defective part or component is shipped to AVS prepaid.. Freight back to the customer, under warrantable conditions, shall be prepaid by AVS Windows Ltd.

For any defective component covered by this warranty, AVS reserves the right to provide a comparable part or product and reserves the right to discontinue, alter or modify its products. Except as expressly stated in this certificate or otherwise agreed to in writing, warranty does not cover or include labour cost. AVS shall not be responsible for any costs incurred in the removal or reinstallation of any component, and shall not be liable for any incidental, consequential or other damages arising from product defect, its removal or replacement .AVS Windows may at its sole discretion contribute labour. Warranties shall be prorated and warranty on replaced product shall be limited to the warranty life remaining from the original purchase.

<strong>Conditions Not Covered By This Warranty</strong>
This warranty only covers the particular defects described in this Certificate and only if they arise during normal use and service. It does not cover defects attributable to causes or occurrences beyond AVS control and unrelated to manufacturing process, including but not limited to faulty or improper installation by others. Further, product is not warranted when installed or exposed to corrosive chemicals or atmosphere. This warranty shall not apply when products are painted, coated , exposed to high heat, humidity, sustained salt spray and wind forces beyond the design of the product.

Condensation on windows and doors may occur as a natural result of humidity within the building or of differences between air temperatures inside and outside. Accordingly, condensation is not indicative of a defect in your product and may be remedied by other means.

Insect screening is intended to provide reasonable insect control. It is not to provide security or retention of objects or people.

Muntin bars (internal girds) likewise do not afford security and are for decorative effect only.

Glass breakage due to any cause, once the product has been picked up from the factory or delivered to site, is not covered by this warranty.

Installation is fast and easy, usually taking just one day to replace every window in your house!
Our windows are custom fit and so don¹t require the services of carpenters, brick-layers, painters or plasterers.

Rigid poly vinyl chloride (PVC) is the most resistant man-made material to the transfer of heat and cold.
Rigid vinyl combines durability and structural integrity with resistance to abrasion and weather.
Vinyl is an excellent insulator, resisting the negative effects of severe weather conditions, atmospheric pollutants and corrosion.
Vinyl requires almost no maintenance ­ it won¹t chip, flake, rot, blister or peel!

Windows are the biggest source of energy loss in your home.
Wood frames warp and shrink, letting in cold air.
Metal frames often have poor insulating qualities.
Replacing windows will save you fuel, time and money.