Unsurpassed Customer Service

With so many window and door manufacturing companies in the lower mainland, one would ask “Why choose AVS Windows & Doors Ltd. for my project?”. AVS Windows & Doors Ltd. is built on the assumption that there is a personal and financial reward for producing products and services that offer customers a better value than they expect to receive.  Our success as a company is based on the success of our customers in achieving quality products and outstanding service for the lowest cost possible. Our team is comprised of highly knowledgable and well-trained employees who are committed to making our customer’s needs a priority, no matter what your budget may be.

We will guide you through the process of selecting your products of choice, keeping you informed during manufacturing, arranging timely installation and ensuring you have all the information for maintaining your new windows and doors. Additionally, we offer a generous ten year warranty on all of our products so you will never feel cheated if a problem arises with any of our products.

Technologically-advanced Engineering

Here at AVS, we believe that genuine quality of products is the most important factor to ensure that our customers will receive the full benefits of their investment for new windows and doors. Therefore, we employ state of the art equipment in our manufacturing process, which is followed by stringent inspection procedures to make certain that every product that leaves our warehouse exceeds our standards.

AVS products are never mass-produced, meaning that every order that we complete has been custom made, just for your home. Therefore, you will never have to worry about the added stress of additional construction costs to accommodate your new windows, as they will be perfectly designed to fit into your home seamlessly. We are also able to manufacturer special order windows and doors for custom sizes, shapes and colours, so no matter what your vision entails, we can bring it to life.

Community Awareness

As we are part of a larger community, we are compelled to act responsibly. Here at AVS, we act responsibly by protecting our environment, providing economic opportunity fairly and maintaining a safe workplace. Our contribution to greener living is the production of Energy Star rated products, which are accredited by the Standards Council of Canada for their role in preventing energy loss in the environment. Each product is lab tested to ensure they are up to standard before installation. By installing Energy Star rated products for your home, our customers save hundreds of dollars on their utility bills and lower their carbon footprint from the energy loss prevention. AVS is a culturally diverse company, which is an asset as we have a multilingual sales team to accommodate customers who speak other languages. We also maintain a safe working environment, where we have an extensive showroom that customers are always welcome to visit to view our many window and door products.

“Quality and affordability is our assurance, great service and satisfaction is our promise”